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Northwest Ohio Scrip Association, Professional Fundraiser, Toledo, OH



Ordering Scrip

Most NOSA customers order online at You may also order by sending us an E-mail and attaching the Excel NOSA client order form available by clicking on the My Account tab or by E-mailing you order

Place your order before 12 NOON EST for next day service. Orders placed before 12 NOON Eastern time will either be ready for pickup by 9:00 am/delivered/or shipped the following business day. Orders placed after 12 NOON Eastern time will either be ready for pickup by 9:00 am/delivered/or shipped no later than the second business day.

§          Online Ordering:

Click on Order Scrip, fill out the form completely, hit calculate, double check your order and hit submit. You will automatically get a receipt and a confirmation letting you know that your order was received.  

To order online, you will need your NOSA Account Number. Once you log on, you will have access to our secure online ordering page, where you can place your organization's scrip order.  

When placing your order, remember:

§          Before ordering, check our "Scrip Scoop" page for the latest news on discount and denomination changes.

§          Review the order carefully. Once we begin fulfilling your order, it cannot be modified or changed.

§          Orders received before 12 NOON Eastern time will be ready the following business day; orders stamped after 12 NOON Eastern time will be ready the second business day. Order early in the day for faster turnaround.

§          Once submitted, your organization's scrip coordinator will receive e-mail order confirmation.

Paying For Your Order


Payment Options:


  §          ACH:

              Click here for the ACH enrollment forms.


  §          Check:


Payment must be received for all orders upon receipt. Most NOSA customers choose electronic fund transfer to speed payment and accuracy of payment amount. This service is provided by the Automated Clearing House (ACH), a nationwide network of banks, financial institutions, businesses and millions of customers. When you authorize ACH payment, NOSA debits your organization’s bank account for the exact amount of your order on the day your order is placed.

You can also choose to pay for your order with a check upon receipt of your order, or prior to shipment of your order.  Often this adds several days to your order turnaround. In addition, NOSA cannot accept personal checks for payment, only organization checks please. Check payments must be drawn on the account of a non-profit organization.