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Northwest Ohio Scrip Association, Professional Fundraiser, Toledo, OH


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Welcome to the website of Northwest Ohio Scrip Association, a Northwest Ohio scrip supplier and a Northwest Ohio scrip program administrator. The Northwest Ohio Scrip Association (NOSA®) acts on behalf of families, churches, schools and other not for profit organizations to purchase large amounts of gift certificates or scrip from grocery stores, department stores, gas stations and hundreds of other local and national merchants. We purchase this scrip in bulk quantities from merchants who are then willing to offer a substantial discount for this upfront payment. Your organization buys the scrip from NOSA® at this discount, and re-sells the certificates to your organization members for full face value. The bulk of the discount (anywhere from two to twenty-five percent) is retained by your organization as revenue.

Scrip is just a way of spending your money differently and getting paid for doing so. The funds raised by scrip are essentially "Free Money" -- Money for family spending, which is going to be spent anyway, just done a little differently. This alleviates your organization’s families pounding the pavement or nagging your dwindling list of friends every year to sell wrapping paper, magazines and candy bars.

NOSA® offers the best selection of merchants, big discounts and minimal shipping/delivery expense. There is no charge to join NOSA®. If you are a church or school or a group supporting a church or a school, or some other non-profit organization your group and your member families will benefit greatly from an association with NOSA®. Click here to learn more about enrolling and setting up your program. Click here to order from NOSA® right now!

The West Toledo Parochial School Parents Association (WTPSPA®) sister program is a not for profit organization set up to serve thousands of families in the Toledo Area to assist them in fundraising to help alleviate the financial burden of a parochial and private education. Click here if you are a family wanting to learn more the WTPSPA®. Click here to order from the WTPSPA® right now!

Scrip 2000®the most trusted and used scrip tracking software for over 10 years. Scrip2000® manages your scrip program tracking expenses, tracking orders by family, student, vendor, supplier, or scrip, generates family orders and purchase orders, produces several reports and sorting lists (as well as countless other helpful management tools). iScrip released in 2007 is the newest upgrade to Scrip2000®. Click here to order scrip2000® or to order a replacement user code for scrip2000®.

iScrip released in 2007 is the latest and newest online application software available for scrip program administrators iScrip was designed by scrip coordinators who have run a successful and growing scrip program for over 12 years and know what coordinators are looking for in their online scrip application. iScrip has helped many organizations realize and reach, or even surpass many of their financial goals. iScrip offers convenience and flexibility, while providing Scrip 2000® users the familiarity they are used to without the need to learn a new program. Click here to learn more about iScrip®.

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