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Scrip, what is it and Scrip Programs, what are they?

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How to Start a Scrip Program

Scrip, what is it?

Scrip is a term, having a military origin, means "substitute money". When a family purchases scrip, they are purchasing negotiable gift certificates that are used just like cash. National and local merchants issue the scrip (identical in form to their gift certificates) where many families already shop. These merchants want to support not for profit organizations and, in return, ask you to support them by pre-paying for these gift certificates which allow you to shop at their stores. Families can use these gift certificates to purchase everyday expenses like food, gas, clothing and other essentials. With every purchase families are earning “Free Money" -- Money for family spending, which is going to be spent anyway, just done a little differently.

 How it works.
Very simply, NOSA buys the scrip from merchants at a discount, sells them to your organization at a discount.  Your member families purchase them at full price.  Your organization keeps the difference and applies it to their fundraising efforts in a variety of ways (general fundraising, athletic fund, building fund, tuition assistance).

A Scrip Program is:
1. A group or organization put together to sell scrip for the purpose of financially benefiting your group and its member families.  A scrip program is made up of:

  •  A person/s in charge of organizing the group who will set the rules regarding ordering, sorting, distributing and compiling the financial data necessary to make it run effectively
  • A group of member families that participate
  • Volunteers that help in the ordering, sorting and distributing
  • Suppliers of scrip
  • NOSA can consult with your coordinator from your organization to help them handle all of the ordering, processing and paperwork for your organization's scrip program.

2. Becoming a NOSA Customer, what is needed:

  • Address (land and e-mail) and phone (and fax) number of your organization
  • Name, address and phone number of your scrip coordinator.
  • Documentation of your organizations tax-exempt status

3. In order to run an effective scrip program, you will need to:

Determine the place and time for the most effective streamlined ordering, sorting and distributing procedures.  Further you will need to determine:

  • Computing and Software needs
  • Office product needs
  • Detailed plans for distribution of generated assistance
  • Volunteer needs.

4. Solicit Volunteers immediately.

The earlier your group enacts rules and procedures about volunteer work requirements the earlier your program will be up and running.  Get parents/volunteers to commit early to help in the ordering, sorting and distribution procedures.

5. Start your scrip program.

  • Take orders once a week at a specific time
  • Deliver orders simultaneous to order drop-off to conserve need for volunteers.
  • Organize orders and volunteers for date compilation and entry
  • Check and re-check your totals before you order your weekly supply from NOSA
  • E-mail your order t NOSA at or use our online ordering link
  • Carefully count the certificates you receive from NOSA and verify your order is correct.
  • Sort each individual family order with volunteers.
  • Distribute your families' orders simultaneously to receiving your families' orders for the following week.

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