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Scrip, what is it and Scrip Programs, what are they?

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NOSA, WTPSPA, Scrip2000 and iScrip: Who we are and What we do!

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Northwest Ohio Scrip Association, Professional Fundraiser, Toledo, OH


NOSA  History

NOSA  History

The Northwest Ohio Scrip Association (NOSA) is a not for profit organization set up to serve schools, churches and other non-profit organizations and major US and local retailers through innovative scrip fundraising programs.

The West Toledo Parochial School Parents Association (WTPSPA) sister program is a not for profit organization set up to serve thousands of families in the Toledo Area.  The WTPSPA assists them in fundraising to help alleviate the financial burden of a parochial and private education.

Scrip 2000 the most trusted and used scrip tracking software for over 10 years. Scrip2000 manages your scrip program tracking expenses, tracking orders by family, student, vendor, supplier, or scrip, generates family orders and purchase orders, produces several reports and sorting lists (as well as countless other helpful management tools). iScrip released in 2008 has replaced Scrip2000.

iScrip released in 2007 is the latest and newest technologically advanced software available for scrip program administrators. This program offers convenience and flexibility, while providing Scrip 2000 users the familiarity they are used to without the need to learn a new program.

  • WTPSPA began in 1998 when Andrew Ranazzi recruited 17 other families to participate in a scrip fundraising program to assist them in funding their children’s parochial school education.
  • Since 1998, the WTPSPA has assisted thousands of families and schools in fundraising more than $1,000,000 and helped retailers with tens of millions in sales.
  • The WTPSPA continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Diane Fockler a participant and volunteer in the WTPSPA joined Andy in late 2001. Together they recruited many local merchants to participate in the NOSA program. Since then several branches or off shoots of the WTPSPA have been set up around the Toledo area to offer local scrip convenience for the families.
  • NOSA began in 2002 and only by accident. Our largest supplier had backordered several very popular scrip Christmas gift cards which disappointed many families. Also many non-profits contacted us about providing them with the local merchant’s scrip.
  • NOSA currently serves more than 400 local and national schools, churches and other non profits.
  • NOSA offers merchants direct access to hundreds of thousands of motivated, loyal scrip using families, churches, schools and other not for profits who also solicit other families, friends, and coworkers to use and patronize these merchants. Sales to these merchants again runs into the 10’s of millions.
  • NOSA has partnered with over 490 national and local merchants providing it with competitive pricing for the numerous scrip choices that they offer. Adding more merchants each and every year and extremely competitive discount percentages.


NOSA Benefits to Not for Profits

  • Our deep discounts mean more revenue for your non-profit organization.
  • The widest selection of certificates and gift cards available.
  • Fully stocked, just in time inventory.
  • Personal, “first name basis” service.
  • Next Day delivery for those located in the Toledo Area.
  • Next Day and some times same day pickup.
  • Order and often as you like without any extra fees.
  • Special orders for larger volume sales.

NOSA Benefits to Retailers


For our retailers, NOSA offers access to thousands of loyal, motivated families, schools, churches and other non-profit organizations that are eager to spend their shopping dollars with merchants who participate in our scrip program. NOSA works with participating merchants to coordinate and maximize their scrip marketing efforts. A combination of goodwill, competition, profit margin, no credit card transaction fees, time value of money and risk of loss motivates these merchants to participate in scrip programs.

  • Scrip is a powerful tool to fundraise tuition dollars while requiring no door-to-door sales and just a slight change in shopping methods of participating families.
  • NOSA provides easy access to many motivated families, schools, churches and not for profit organizations.
  • NOSA marketing helps reduce traditional promotional and advertising expense.
  • NOSA provides and efficient and organized manner in which mass certificate distribution can be achieved.