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How to become a NOSA Customer 

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Northwest Ohio Scrip Association, Professional Fundraiser, Toledo, OH


HOW to Become a NOSA Customer

How to Become a NOSA Customer

You can be set up as a NOSA customer usually within a week.  To ensure that there is no delay, please make sure you have completed all of the following steps before submitting your enrollment application:

1. Download your enrollment forms

Print a copy of the NOSA Enrollment Application and NOSA ACH Form are found here. You can register online or print out and complete the application, scan and e-mail it to Please fill out the application completely, and be sure to include your organizationís phone number. Missing or incomplete information may delay application processing. 

2. Documents as to your groupís not for profit status

Tax exempt, non-profit, not for profit or other school and parent groups may join NOSA. NOSA does NOT require new customers to be a federal 501(c)(3) group but does require that your group state and demonstrate that they are not a ďfor profitĒ group. The reason for this is NOSA does not wish to provide on small groups the onerous 501(c)(3) burdens which might prevent them from being able to fundraise.Please provide a statement from your not for profit organizationís chief officer on your organizationís letterhead that explains the purpose and goals of your group. We welcome churches, schools, boys and girl scout troops, bands, travel sports teams, organizations of all kinds and other not for profits.

3. Decide how you would like to pay for your orders

ACH Payment

Most NOSA customers choose ACH payment for fast, convenient order processing. When you choose this payment method, NOSA automatically debits your organizationís bank account for your purchases. Click here for the NOSA ACH Form. Just deposit your familyís full face value payment into this account and NOSA will debit the net amount of your order. The resulting balance is your organizationís earnings.  We recommend that your organization set up a separate bank account for their scrip program to simplify bookkeeping.

To select ACH payment, verify your ABA routing number and account number with your bank. Then, complete the ACH authorization portion of the application, and attach a voided or cancelled check. If you choose ACH debit payment, your new account cannot be processed without an actual void or cancelled check from your organizationís bank account.

Pay by Check

Customers preferring to pay by check, please indicate that on your enrollment application. Sorry, but NOSA cannot accept check payments from personal bank accounts. Your check payment must be drawn on an account in the name of your not for profit organization. Check paid orders must be paid for upon pickup and receipt of order. Any shipped orders require the check to paid be received prior to shipment of your order. This may cause a delay in receipt of your order since your order will not be processed until NOSA receives payment.

A $40 surcharge is due for any check returned for insufficient funds before any further orders can filled or delivered.


You will receive a confirming e-mail within 24 hours of receipt of your enrollment application stating that your account has been set up and your group can order scrip at any time.